Alvaro García Morales

Bachelor in Physiotherapy (San Pablo CEU University - Madrid)
Postgraduate in Manual Therapy (Fisioformación - Madrid)
Postgraduate in Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Complutense University - Madrid)
Postgraduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tian Xue School - Madrid)
Advanced Acupuncture and Phytotherapy Course (CBIATC - Pekín)

Mr. Alvaro García

Mr. Alvaro García Morales is a Physiotherapist specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He studied the Bachelor in Physiotherapy in Madrid (2005) at San Pablo CEU University. After finishing this degree, he started his profesional career in the Ibermutuamur Clinic in Estepona. After his first summer working as a physiotherapist he started to work in the Medical Center Carpetana in Madrid, where he was based as a rehabilitation physiotherapist for 5 years, combining his job with his postgraduate studies. During this stage, he studied a Msc in Manual Therapy, where he discovered the healing power of dry needling to treat muscular pain.

When he realized how useful the needle was for his daily work,  he decided to study acupuncture, so for the next 3 years he joined Complutense University and Tian Xue Private School to study in depth  the fundamentals of the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After finishing the mentioned postgraduate courses, he had the oportunity to follow up his training in the heart of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Beijing, where he moved at the begining of 2013 in order to go on his studies. During his time in Beijing, he passed two courses at the  China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center (CBIATC), one about Advanced Acupuncture and other one about Dieting and Phytotherapy based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Simultaneously to these two postgraduate courses, he was attending private classes from his Master, Mr Louis Liu, who suggested him the idea of creating a Fusion Health concept of health care called Fusion Health Clinic.